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The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development was developed for policy-makers, service planners, service providers and for parents.

This compilation of papers from leading experts covers 54 topics related to the development of young children, from conception to age five, and addresses three perspectives: development, services and policies.

In addition, a simplified synthesis on each topic presents key points that will be most useful to our readers. The synthesis answers three main inquiries: What is the importance of the topic, what is the best and most up-to-date knowledge on the topic, and what can be done to improve services, policies and research. The Encyclopedia is available in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Encyclopedia also includes key messages geared to parents and service providers and perspectives on experts' texts, provided by international and Canadian practitioners, service planners and representatives of Aboriginal communities.

nce a year, the CEECD/SKC-ECD Bulletin publishes its annual review of the ten best Canadian research papers on early childhood development that have been published in the previous year. Between 2001 and 2010, the Bulletin also revisited some of the Encyclopedia topics, by publishing an extensive synthesis on the experts’ papers and two summaries on recent research.

CEECD Conferences’ programs, PowerPoint presentations and reports are available online for print or consultation under the colloquia section. Other publications (reports, series, briefing notes), CD-ROMS and videotapes are available for consultation.

The Early Childhood from A to Z index is a quick way to have access to all documents available on early childhood topics featured in the Encyclopedia.

The e-news letter CEECD/SKC-ECD: What’s new? sent monthly to all subscribers, features news from the CEECD and SKC-ECD and new papers posted on the Encyclopedia. Click here to receive CEECD/SKC-ECD: What’s new?

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[Last update: 30/04/2018]